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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Student Talent Development (“INVESTED”) Program is a campus-wide program nurturing entrepreneurs-to-be, inspiring EdUHK students to articulate their aspirations, enabling them to transform their creative ideas to innovative solutions through practical workshops, internship opportunities within start-up communities, local and Asian-based entrepreneurship competitions, and more. INVESTED Program supports like-minded students connecting to entrepreneurial ecosystem and innovate, explore and grow through the programme.


To inspire, enable and nurture EdUHK students to develop innovative solutions for social issues with the support of EdUHK research, intellectual property (IP), technology and expertise. Creating a thriving ecosystem committed to facilitating collaborations among EdUHK start-up community and fostering entrepreneurship campus wide.

  • To inspire EdUHK students to be innovators and entrepreneurs

  • To enrich EdUHK students’ understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship in their own field 

  • To encourage EdUHK students to start their innovation and entrepreneurship journey 

  • To equip students with the prerequisites to participate in entrepreneurship competitions and obtain start-up funding

What do we Offer?
  • Foundation of knowledge and skills that are essential for starting and running a successful start-up

  • Fast track to the second interview of Education+ And Social Entrepreneurs (EASE) Fund (Entrepreneurship support up to HKD 300,000)

  • Exposure in local and Asian-level entrepreneurship competitions

  • Potential internship opportunities at start-up company (up to HKD 12,000 for 30 days)

  • Networking opportunities with industry experts, corporates and investors

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